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Vik Momjian

Vik Momjian Pic 2_edited.jpg
Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six string, fretted and fretless electric basses.
While his musical roots started on the piano at age nine, then guitar at age fourteen, Vik
ultimately discovered his true voice through the electric bass at age fifteen. Having studied
with many significant musicians, three of Vik’s most influential instructors are Jim
Lacefield, Steve Bailey, and John Pena. Vik is the first-call musician for many top Middle
Eastern and ethno-European artists. When he’s not touring the world with these artists, he
spends his days in Los Angeles recording sessions, teaching, and performing with
Excursion, String Harmonies, Ararat Music Ensemble, and Anasa. With a brilliant sense of
groove and unique improvisation skills, Vik’s soulful playing brings enormous heart to these
projects, and is integral to each band’s sound and energy.
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