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Bryan Dilionnis

Bryan Dilionnis Pic 2_edited.jpg

Bryan Dilionnis stands as a formidable force in the world of extreme music,
carving his path as a guitar virtuoso and composer with a penchant for the dark
and intricate realms of death metal and technical death metal. Known for his
exceptional skill and boundary-pushing compositions, Dilionnis has left an
indelible mark on the genre. Hailing from a background steeped in musical
exploration, Dilionnis embarked on his journey into the world of metal at a
young age. His insatiable appetite for technical precision and sonic intensity led him to become a master of the guitar, honing his craft with unwavering
dedication. Dilionnis reached new heights with the release of his solo album
saga "Violent Horror System."This magnum opus showcased his prowess as a
composer, blending the ferocity of death metal with the intricate complexities
of flamenco and progressive tech death. These albums, are a sonic odyssey
through realms of darkness and brutality, captivated audiences and solidified
Dilionnis as a leading figure in the genre.

Carter Crosby

Carter -Alternate picture.jpeg

He started playing bass at fourteen years old, when he was approached in his

freshman English class by George Trullinger (Tribute artist) and Mark Mason

(founding member of Ampage). They said ‘you’re the only one in the class who

knows anything about music,’ and, as he was playing bass clarinet in the high

school band at the time, and he agreed to play bass in their band.

It’s been a wild ride for him since then, having worked with countless artists, most

notably with Willie Aames and Paradise (opening for Epcot center), and the Lively

Ones surf band. He is currently working as the first chair bassist at the Zombie

Burlesque show at Planet Hollywood. He also plays with the All Shook Up show at

Alexis Park, along with various bands in multiple genres. Versatility and consistency are his trademarks, and he plays an array of extended range basses as well, up to eight strings.

Deep Within

DEEP WITHIN PIC 1.jpg.webp

DEEP WITHIN is an American heavy metal band formed in Victorville, California in 2014. After a
few years of playing Live Shows, The band regrouped with next level goals in 2020. After a
couple lineup changes, the band settled on it’s current 5 members as a foundation for the bands
future: lead vocalist/song writer, Matt Wiggins, guitarist/composer, Joe Hawkins, bassist, Jason
Trevino, guitarist, Sean Connard, and drummer, Cody Hellion. Deep Within has gained a
reputation for its original metal sound, bold image and intense live performances. The band
quickly made a mark on the High Desert and L.A. club and festival scene opening for national
bands like Quiet Riot, Adema, Crazytown, Afroman, Hemlock and others. They have performed
in venues like the Whisky A Go Go and Viper Room and have competed in National
Competitions like Wacken.

Drew C

Drew C Pic.png

A self-taught guitarist and producer from New York, Drew C learned to play on a beat up guitar with only three strings.  With inspiring persistence and grit, Drew C turned his passion into a degree in music and another in audio production. Drew C mixes a blend of prog metal and shred guitars with trap-inspired beats: a unique, unmistakable style and genre all his own.

Erin Coburn

Erin Pic 2.jpeg

Erin Coburn is blazing a trail through modern rock, twisting her own stories and
emotions into a sound like no other. Erin’s release, “Sleeve” went viral on TikTok
after she posted an eight-second teaser of the song. She finished the song two days
later in her studio and released it for all to rock out to! Coburn has performed and
written with Grammy award-winning artists in Nashville, opened for notable acts
such as The Marcus King Band, Blackberry Smoke, and Larry McCray, and has
played well-known festivals such as Bliss Fest, SummerFest, and the King Biscuit
Blues Festival. She continues to tour regularly at venues and festivals across the
United States.

Justin Coleman

Justin Coleman Pic.jpg

Justin "B" Coleman is an American guitarist and songwriter based out of Salem, OR. With over 20 years of playing music he has played in bands alongside Kyle Castronovo (Wednesday 13) and Chris Emery (American Head Charge).  Justin is currently the guitarist for Amerakin Overdose and Proven.

Justus Hajas

Justus Photo 2_edited.jpg

With his guitar in hand and passion in mind, Justus Hajas is an artist who aims to ignite
a fire. From a young age he has been a virtuosic self-expressionist with an innovative
vision for music. To Justus, music is a powerful tool for healing, learning, and
confronting traumas. Drawing from his own experiences, he has created a unique and
accessible blend of genres, incorporating elements of modern rock and experimental
guitar into his sound. Born out of Brantford Ontario, he got accepted into Berklee
College of music, Justus instead completed his college degree on a full scholarship for
guitar performance at the prestigious school Metalworks Institute.

Kevin Scholl

Kevin Scholl Pic 1_edited.jpg

I've been a gigging musician since the fall of 1976. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, equally proficient at rhythm and lead guitar, drums, and keyboards. I switched to bass when my band was in desperate need of somebody to take on the role, and it was with the electric bass guitar that I found my niche, especially when it came to playing and singing live.  First and foremost, however, I am a singer/songwriter and I feel at home with an acoustic guitar in my hands.  Writing is my wheelhouse and my strength as a musician.  I enjoy the recording process and never tire of performing live.

Nick Bonner

Nick Bonner Pic 2.jpeg

Hailing from Bakersfield, California, Nick Bonner is not only known for his infectious bass lines and soulful guitar melodies but also for his undying love for Rok-Loks. In 2016, Bonner showcased his guitar skills by filling in for gigs with acclaimed artists like James Fortune and Lena Byrd-Miles. Transitioning seamlessly between guitar and bass, Bonner's versatility shone through in 2017 when he joined J2 and the Bizness for the Bakersfield Jazz Festival, sharing the stage with renowned acts like Ghost Note. In 2019, Bonner's musical prowess caught the attention of industry heavyweights, leading him to sub in as a bassist for the likes of Willie Taylor from Day 26 and the legendary Ginuwine. His journey continued in 2019 as he took on the role of Music Director for No Stringz Attached, ensuring that every performance was tight and on point. Bonner's reputation as a sought-after collaborator only grew in 2021 when he headlined the Bakersfield Bass Clinic alongside Sharay Reed. In 2022, Bonner's career reached new heights as he opened for Morris Day and the Time with No Stringz Attached, while also contributing his bass expertise to MODERNDAYROME's recording "Feels," adding his signature groove to the track. With each performance and collaboration, Nick Bonner continues to leave an indelible mark on the music world, his dynamic talent and unwavering dedication ensuring that his journey is only just beginning, all with his trusted Rok-Loks by his side.

Nick Loduca

The mind-bending riffs of progressive rock, a melodic flair of math rock and midwest, chunky metal rhythms and an undying love for the craft are what makes the music of Nick Loduca so unique.

Sergio Michel

Sergio Michel Pic 1_edited.jpg

Sergio Michel is an American hard rock musician; a national level headliner known world-wide
for his unique style of guitar playing & lively/aggressive performances. 2024 started with a
performance at The 7th Annual Metal Hall of Fame gala, sponsored by Metallica's Blackened in
January (& appeared at the 2024 NAMM Show); sharing the stage with Kings of Thrash
(ex-Megadeth members David Ellefson, Jeff Young, Chris Poland) Sunset Strip legends
London, Carlos Cavaso (Quiet Riot, RATT), Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest), Tom Morello
(Rage Against The Machine), Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake) & formed a temporary supergroup for
the Metal hall of Fame gala, with singer Mike Tirelli (Riot & Holy Mother); keyboardist Eric
Ragno (London); bassist Becky Baldwin (Merciful Fate) & drummer Nick Mason (Pretty Boy
Floyd); where Sergio Michel's over the top approach to guitar playing (let the massive talent,
physicality and masterful virtuosity show mentality) with the sheer talent and virtuosity of Tirelli,
Ragno, Baldwin & Mason wowed the audience to a standing ovation. Jack Mangan of Metal
Asylum wrote, "Children of the Sea and Neon Knights. This is how you deliver cover tunes.
Sergio Michel, Mike Tirelli, Becky Baldwin, and Nick Mason performed the hell out of these two
Dio-era Black Sabbath classics. Wherever Ronnie James Dio is, he was listening with a smile to
Tirelli’s fantastic, spot on vocal performance.

Trip to the Morgue

TTTM PIC 2_edited.jpg

Trip to the Morgue is a band of true road warriors.  Hailing from the vibrant , yet highly competitive and supremely saturated hardcore music scene in SoCo, this dynamic quartet has blazed their own path for over a decade. Led by the formidable Dave Oshann on bass and lead vocals, the virtuosic Steven Payne on lead guitar, dependable Joey Maddox on rhythm guitar, and the relentless Vinny Rizzo on drums, each of them brings a unique voice to the band to  create the hard to define yet recognizable TTTM sound.  Their hard work and willingness to hit the road has paid off.  They are staples of the Vegas hardcore scene and are earning a reputation throughout the southwest as a hard working band that leaves it all out on the floor every night.  If you've never caught TTTM live, be prepared to have your senses bombarded with their sonic onslaught.

Vik Momjian

Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six string, fretted and fretless electric basses.
While his musical roots started on the piano at age nine, then guitar at age fourteen, Vik
ultimately discovered his true voice through the electric bass at age fifteen. Having studied
with many significant musicians, three of Vik’s most influential instructors are Jim
Lacefield, Steve Bailey, and John Pena. Vik is the first-call musician for many top Middle
Eastern and ethno-European artists. When he’s not touring the world with these artists, he
spends his days in Los Angeles recording sessions, teaching, and performing with
Excursion, String Harmonies, Ararat Music Ensemble, and Anasa. With a brilliant sense of
groove and unique improvisation skills, Vik’s soulful playing brings enormous heart to these projects, and is integral to each band’s sound and energy.

Bruno Sinopoli

Bruno RokLok 1.jpeg

Bruno AJ Sinopoli has been playing guitar for over 50 years, starting with a Harmony acoustic in elementary school. His passion for music deepened in high school, leading him to acquire a 1969 Gibson SG used for heavier rock inspired by Black Sabbath. Later, as a fan of Ritchie Blackmore, he switched to a 1989 Fender American Standard Olympic White Stratocaster, a gift that became his main guitar after modifications. Bruno played in Pittsburgh area bands for decades and now produces and records his music, available on major streaming platforms. He shares his guitar expertise on YouTube and TikTok under "TheOriginalGuitarMan."

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