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We are musicians too!

Four years ago I bought my first PRS and let me tell you, never has a guitar been treated with such care and caution.  But when it came time to put a strap lock on the guitar, I had to make a TOUGH CHOICE.  Do I drill into my beautiful new PRS, do I fumble with those rubber discs, or do I just RISK IT.    I thought to myself "surely there has to be a universal strap lock system that A) fits EVERY guitar B) allows me to use any strap and C) Doesn't involve drilling!"

Much to my disappointment, on such thing existed.  So, an idea was born.  The first thing I discovered is that it's not easy trying to create something that actually works and is affordable to make.  Thankfully, I didn't give up.  After four years of trial and error, testing, experimentation, disappointment, hope, failure, excitement...finally TRIUMPH!

I proudly present, the Rok-Lok, the world's first TRULY UNIVERSAL strap lock system.  

Made with the player in mind.  No more sacrifice. Choose your guitar, choose your strap, and grab a Rok-Lok.  It's the only strap lock you'll ever need.  I guarantee it.

-Mark Ranalli, Rok-Lok creator, guitar player, and dad

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