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You'll never need to buy another strap lock.

Rok-Lok is simple, easy to use, and convenient.  It requires no tools (just a simple twist of the wrist), and installs in seconds. It's compatible with the original strap buttons of most guitars and works with every kind of strap. Afix to your favorite strap and quickly and securely lock onto all of your favorite guitars. 

Rok-Lok is made of a durable proprietary resin that's stronger than steel but half the weight. 

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See how it works with Rok-Lok

Co-Founder and YouTube Personality Mark Ranalli, creator of "8 Minute Axe".


  • HASSLE FREE / NO MODIFICATIONS: Rok-Lok Universal Guitar Strap Lock easily locks onto your guitar’s EXISTING hardware. Absolutely no modifications or tools necessary.

  • STRONG AND SECURE LOCKING MECHANISM: Rok Lok locks onto your guitar securely giving you the peace of mind that your guitar isn’t going anywhere. When you hear the "click" you know you're locked in tightly. Go ahead, take the 360 guitar flip challenge!

  • PROTECT YOUR GUITAR: Rok Lok is made of a proprietary, SCRATCH RESISTANT resin that’s STRONGER THAN STEEL but half the weight. Each set of Rok-Loks includes 2 protective pads (optional) to add extra protection for bare wood or lightly coated guitars.

  • EASY ON/EASY OFF: Rok-Lok's revolutionary QUICK CHANGE locking system holds your guitar STRONGLY and SECURELY but effortlessly locks on and off making it easy to switch guitars on the fly.

  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Rok-Lok works with the original strap buttons of most major guitar brands and easily attaches to every type of guitar strap.  [NOTE: Rok-Lok works with most acoustic guitars but is not compatible with strap button output jacks without the use of an adapter.  Please click here to find an adapter that may work for your guitar with a strap button output jack. (NOTE: This link opens a website that is unaffiliated with Rok-Lok. Rok-Lok is not responsible for the content or products found in the link.)]

  • BEST VALUE: Since Rok-Lok is compatible with most guitars and switching guitars is effortless, there's no longer any need to buy a separate strap lock for each guitar. Simply attach to your favorite strap and lock onto your favorite guitar or two or three...

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